Tiny Tutorials!

Click on the links below for tutorials I've created on my blog. Enjoy! 

from my DVD "from art journaling to art"

My new DVD
"from art journal to art" 
starring Jane LaFazio

from my DVD "The Small Art Quilt"
available at amazon!
The Small Art Quilt

Studio Box Tutorial
Denim Studio Box
Cloth Covered Journal
cloth covered journal

Using Teabags in your artwork
prepared, used teabags

Sketching & Painting Exotic Flowers
drawing and painting exotic flowers
Collage Fabric Vase
Collage Fabric Vase
Free motion stitch your sketchbook images to a quilt
drawing to stitching
Free motion stitch
your sketchbook images
Paper Box for sketchbook pages
ready for the sketchbook challenge
Paper box for
 sketchbook pages
mono-printing a tree

reusing images with tissue paper

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