Friday, October 17, 2014

Registration for my TWO of my online classes is OPEN!

from my sketchbook ~ italy
from my sketchbook ~ Jane LaFazio 5x7 inches
Perfect for beginners!  
Be inspired to record your life, a special trip, or your daily adventures in a loose, quick journal style format. I'm known for my friendly, encouraging teaching style, teach drawing and watercolors using a straight-forward, intuitive approach. You’ll draw what you see, capturing the details of everyday objects and the small details of life on watercolor pages. Everyone has their own drawing style, just like handwriting, and Jane will help you to see and then record what you see on paper. 
The class is geared for beginners, but all levels are welcome.

The classroom will open on November 9, 2014. You'll be able to introduce yourself, and find you way around our online classroom. The first lesson will be released on November 14, and each Friday for a total of 6 lessons over 6 weeks. 

Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style $90.00 USD

(For Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style, you'll receive the complete list of materials (with links and descriptions) when you sign up, but basically you'll need 5x7" watercolor paper (or a sketchbook with watercolor paper), watercolors, a watercolor brush, and a permanent ink pen, pencil and eraser. Don't buy the stuff until you get the actual materials list)
We’ll work in our sketchbooks each week with a new theme. From those life-like drawings, done in ink and watercolor, we'll create new graphic, stylized images to use from stamps, stencils, or stitched designs. Each week, you'll draw, watercolor and create designs and you'll be given optional methods to use and leverage that design in your own work. This is a great workshop for anyone interested in improving their drawing skills to create original designs for surface design on paper or cloth. At the end of the workshop, your sketchbook will contain a treasury of original images, your own unique visual vocabulary.

The weekly themes for the class will be:
Lesson 1: From the flower garden. Flowers and blooms
Lesson 2. From the vegetable garden. Veggies and fruits (optional: stamp carving)
Lesson 3. From the factory. Manufactured tools, gears, wheels (optional: rubbings)
Lesson 4. From the mountains. Leaves, pods, pinecones (optional: stencils)
Lesson 5. From the sea. Shells, sea weed, fish, shell fish (optional: stitching)
Lesson 6. From your life. Your studio, your kitchen, your closet or…

Watercolor Sketchbook: Designs from Life $95.00 USD

(For Watercolor Sketchbook: Designs from Life receive the complete list of materials (with links and descriptions) when you sign up, but basically you'll need a 9x12 inch sketchbook with watercolor paper, watercolors, a watercolor brush, and a permanent ink pen, pencil and eraser, glue, a water soluble pen, water soluble pencil, and optional stamp carving materials. Don't buy the stuff until you get the actual materials list.)


Questions? Here are the answers that apply to all my online classes:
Q: I don't know how to draw
A: Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style will help you learn to draw what you see and not what you think you see.
Q: I don't know how to watercolor
A: I'll teach you, so any of my classes are appropriate for you.
Q:  Do I need to be on my computer a certain time of day?
A: No, the lessons will be released on Friday mornings, but you can access them anytime, once they are released. (And past lessons will be available for you work from and post anytime during the ~9 weeks the class is online)
Q:  Is the content downloadable?
A: Only the pdf lessons~ those step by step lessons are yours to keep and print out. I suggest downloading them each week.   
Q:  I can't access my computer during one of the weeks of class?
A: The lesson will be there, when you get access to your computer and you can post the lesson anytime during the 9 weeks.
Q: How many pages will Jane comment on?
A: You can share as many pages, from each assignment, as you like.  I will comment on each one during the 9 weeks the class is online.
Q:  I'm not very comfortable on the computer.  What’s involved?
A: You'll need to be able to photograph or scan your sketchbook page as a jpeg. You will then upload it, from your computer or ipad, to the online lesson. There is a video, when you start class, that explains how to use the online classroom. 

Each week you'll receive an email with a link to new lesson. The lessons are available 24/7 and you'll receive a downloadable step-by-step pdf to work from each week. There are videos and examples from Jane's sketchbook to support the lessons.  Just like in a real classroom, you'll be able to see fellow students sketchbook pages and will be able to comment and praise their work and they'll be able to see your pages too (as long as you post them!). And you'll get honest and gentle critiques on all your work from me.

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