Monday, August 03, 2020

Registration is open for my online "Watercolor Sketchbook Designs from Life"

6 weeks/6 lessons
$125 USD

The classroom opens on August 23,  and the first lesson will be released on August 28, 2020. 

Click here to read the class description and FAQ. 

A few testimonials for Watercolor Sketchbook Designs from Life

Teri K 

I have to admit I was not sure how an online format and watercolor instruction would go together BUT was so pleased and glad I took the class. The one thing that made the difference was Jane LaFazio. Her calm and nurturing style came through in her videos and comments. This course was an excellent resource for someone like me who needed a way to see the world through a different lens. The bits and pieces of watercolor instruction I had accumulated over the last few months suddenly came together in Jane's class and I am motivated, more than ever, to keep pushing myself and paint as often as possible! Thank you Jane for taking the time to comment on each student's upload. It made a difference.

Andrea G

I am so sad our class is over. Really! It was my reward every night to unwind and rebalance my life.

The projects were just the right size, and there was just the right number. Very manageable.

I really appreciate how the projects built on each other, employing past skills and adding new ones for every lesson.

I learned so much about good teaching from Jane, who structured the class well and gave such regular and supportive feedback.

Jane, you saw the best in each of our works AND you encouraged us to improve with your feedback and tips. By the last lesson, I can say that my drawing skills improved. I was much faster in doing a realistic observational drawing. I also got a sense of my own strengths and where I need to keep developing: my technical skill with watercolor. 
Jane, a great teacher sets up a community where the whole experience is supportive, and you totally did that. I was so uplifted by honest, supportive feedback from my peers in addition to your terrific feedback This was an incredible class and I am so thankful that I got to be part of it. Thanks for EVERYTHING!


Jill S.

I very much enjoyed seeing the work of the talented students in this class.  I was, once again, surprised and delighted to feel the personalities of my classmates show through the internet.  I took this class with a view to developing ideas and techniques to use in my quilting.  The class has most certainly surpassed my expectations and I now have a wealth of ideas to work with in the future. Thank you fellow classmates and thank you Jane for a rewarding experience.

Randi W

I really loved this class!  It was a wonderful group, so supportive and insightful.  I wanted to learn more about using my sketchbook as inspiration for my work in cloth and fiber, this class was great for that! Something about having the theme each week really gets me noticing things and working in my watercolor journal. I need to keep that momentum going, I'm going to miss this class!  Thanks, Jane for a wonderful experience!!

See examples of student work here, on pinterest.

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