Saturday, August 25, 2012

being a student

first one. with derwent graphitone and a waterbrush
 ~ 4x4"by Jane LaFazio
I'm a student too, don't forget! I had a tiny bit of free time so I tuned in to Pam Carriker's Still Pursuing Portraits for another lesson.
second one. with stabilo aquarelle and a waterbrush

 ~ 4x4"by Jane LaFazio
I don't know why they all sort of look eastern European. Pam says often portraits reflect what you're feeling inside when you draw them. Maybe my distant Slavic heritage?
third one. with caran d'ache technalo 3B and a waterbrush
 ~ 4x4" by Jane LaFazio
These are by no means very good, but it is a wonderful exercise, and I learned a lot. I plan on doing more.

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