Sunday, October 05, 2014

Published! in "Gelli Plate Printing" by Joan Bess

my page in "Gelli Plate Printing" by Joan Bess
I'm thrilled to be included in the new book, "Gelli Plate Printing" by Joan Bess! If you follow my work, you know I love gelli plate printing.

Gelli Plate Printing by Joan Bess
Here are the two quilts featured in the book: 
marmalade greenhouse
"Marmalade Greenhouse" measures 14x11 inches by 
Jane LaFazio for sale in my JaneVille Etsy shop! 

pink ginko
"Pink Gingko" measures 22x11 inches. by Jane LaFazio
and for sale in my JaneVille Etsy shop! SOLD!
Bonus: The first person to buy one of these quilts will get a free copy of "Gelli Plate Printing" by Joan Bess.


  1. Congratulations Jane. Beautiful work in a wonderful book!

  2. Congratulations, Jane! Your work is beautiful!

  3. congratulations, how wonderful, beautiful texture and colors in your quilts.


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