Sunday, December 24, 2006

pomegranate study

I chose a bunch of paint chips that I thought were the colors of a pomegranate. When I got home, I chose the ones closest in color to the pom. Then I selected a color pencil (prismacolor) to match each paint chip, and colored my drawing of the pomegranate. Why did I do this? I saw an HGTV episode where they painted the kitchen to match the colors of an artichoke... I did forget to chose paint chips for the stem area. Next time I'll take my pom to the paint store.

pomegranate and paint chips

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  1. Okay -- this showed up on my bloglines feed, but not on your blog, so you may have deleted the post. Anyway, I just want to say that your idea of matching the pomegranate with paint chips and then with colored pencil borders on BRILLIANT! REALLY! So, if you've deleted the post, put it back up! :-)


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