Tuesday, May 29, 2007

like a coloring book!

I couldn't resist coloring in my doodle! Color pencils work so well in my moleskine sketchbook.


  1. After seeing the green in the fern in the previous post, this comes as no surprise! What fun!

  2. These are great little drawings and the color really adds to the beauty! It's been fun looking through your blog...so many nice pieces! How's Buddy doing, by the way? I hope his foot is all better.

  3. Oh, this looks just magical!!!

  4. This is fantastic! What a great exercise -- your class sounds like fun.

  5. Thanks! Yea, this doodling and coloring in, is waaay too much fun.
    Emma, thanks for asking, Buddy is doing just great. I'll post a pic when he'll hold still long enough!

  6. Hi Jane, I love this colored doodle! I'm not sure I could be in a class with you -- you'd show me up by a million miles!


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