Monday, May 28, 2007

Online class.

I'm taking my very first online class. It's called "Personal Symbols" and it's presented by Joggles. This is part of the homework, to do upteen thumbnail doodles of things based on nature or outside. I'm spending way to much time on it, but I am enjoying the process and discovering all kinds of new ways to add personal symbols to my own work.


  1. Jane -
    A fun and beautiful page. And congrats on your sunflower piece being in the latest Quilting Arts - it's gorgeous! Wow, last month Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and this month Quilting Arts. Your work is unique and is a wonderful combination of your watercolor, drawing, and quilting skills. Congrats again!

  2. This is beautiful! I love to doodle and I have sometimes doodled in a grid but nothing as wonderful as that fern going across from thumbnail to thumbnail! It is very effective!

    I love your art! Wish I could take a class from you but right now my travel budget is slim to none! So I have to get inspiration and vicarious travel from the internet! I may consider a joggles class myself!

    And about the assemblage that was rejected. I thought it a very interesting piece. Judges for art showe are imposible to fathom!

  3. congrat Jane! I just read your post about the article and am very happy for you.

  4. Oooo, these are really great doodles. How is the class going? Looks like fun; good work to stretch with. Going to have to check it out ..

  5. Oh! Your homework is WAY more fun than anything I ever had. What a great sketch - you better have been given an "A". I like the colored version too - it's so rich. There is something about the colored pencils that Moleskins just love.

  6. Your work just gets better and better! Let me know how that class goes. I would love to take it. I need to go get a Quilting Arts..right away! Congrats!



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