Wednesday, July 23, 2008

20 July, 2008

Just back from a long weekend in Seattle to attend husb's mom's 90th birthday. Did these kitchen table drawings whenever I could.
I've been to Seattle many times, and this weekend was the most beautiful I've ever seen it. Weather was mid-70's, the trees were heavy with green, the flowers bursting in bloom---just gorgeous!


  1. I'm going to be visiting my in-laws for 12 days, and I've prepped a little sketchbook that has one page per day -- a way to ensure that I'll do *something* arty during the trip. I'll definitely be inspired by your sketches! I love the cherries and the blueberries, especially.

  2. Fabulous, so deep and rich , just FABULOUS , as are the cherries too!! Oh how I wish I could take one of your sketch classes!

  3. Your drawings look so casual but so real. You are so gifted.

  4. Love these kitchen table drawings!! Why can I never get movtivated while travelling?


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