Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Art Unraveled 2009

Here's my teaching schedule for Art Unraveled!

August 5, Wednesday, 9-4:30 indoors & air-conditioned
Paper on Cloth Collage
Create a truly mixed media piece by collaging paper on to cloth. ( Jane’s techniques were featured in the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors March/April 2008 and in her appearance on the third season of Quilting Arts TV.) In class, we’ll paint and use a variety of textures to create our backgrounds on uncoated canvas. Then Jane will show you easy ways to transfer (copy) or draw your image onto the canvas. Once you’re happy with your design, you’ll collage it with a wild mixture of different types of paper and finish it off with painted and stamped and sewn details. You’ll work on three collages at once, so you might want to have a theme (or not!) Jane will show you lots of mixed media techniques to inspire you. At the end of the day you’ll have three paper and cloth collages, with the option to machine or hand-stitch additional texture at home.

August 6, Thursday, 9-4:30 indoors & air-conditioned
Sketching and Watercolor Journal Style: Collections
Want to learn to draw and paint quickly and simply to capture details from your life or travels? Spend the day drawing and painting in a relaxed supportive environment. Jane will show you how to take the time to really look at an object and draw it. Then she’ll demonstrate the use watercolors using a straight-forward, intuitive approach, how to mix color to capture the look and feel of whatever you are painting. You’ll be drawing small items for your own collection. (A collection of small 3-dimensional objects: figurines, shoes, earrings, the contents of your purse or suitcase, your art supplies. E-mail Jane if you have questions about what to bring.) You’ll create a set of 5x7” illustrations of objects from your collection that you’ve brought to class, as unique as your own handwriting. Jane will show you how to enhance your drawings with creative page layouts and journaling. You’ll create a small paper portfolio to hold your pages (with room for other pages that you create.)

August 7, Friday, 7am-10am
Sketching & Watercolor Journal Style: ON LOCATION
Spend the morning drawing and painting outside on location at the gorgeous Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Jane will show you how to select subject matter and hone in on the pertinent details, yet simplify your drawing, so you can capture your impression of the scene quickly. She’ll demonstrate drawing on location, and the use of watercolors using a straight-forward, intuitive approach. You’ll do at least 3 pages of your visit to the garden. Jane will show you how to enhance your drawings with creative page layouts and journaling. We’ll carpool at 6:30 am to arrive at 7 am, when the garden is cooler and stay till 10 am.

And I'll have my artwork for sale at the Shopping Extravaganza on Saturday, August 8.

Registration begins in Februrary


  1. Great line-up of classes! I hope that 7 am start time doesn't keep folks away from the sketch class. ;-)

  2. Hi Judy, Well, considering Phoenix is rather hot in 106 degrees, we're getting out as early as possible with hopes of cooler air and shade.

  3. Jane - WOW WOW WOW - what an exciting event. I went to the link for the event overall, and am so intrigued by many of the classes they're offering. Are you staying the entire time, so you, too, can sign up for some of them? We'll talk in class - Monday - I can't wait ;-) !! -- Davi


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