Monday, December 21, 2009

cocktail napkins

Hope I don't hurt my arm patting my self on the back for my cleverness......I made these cocktail napkins from my Spoonflower fabric! and then printed a tag with the watercolor journal page I used to create the fabric......Here's a view of the napkins. Cute, huh? They will be Christmas gift.
(Actually, it was Mistress of Longears who made cocktail napkins first, and I was inspired by her.)


  1. My arm is BROKEN from patting you on the back in my head, if that makes any sense at all! LOVE the quiltlets too...

  2. Clever AND talented girl!

  3. Jane,
    I love this idea! What a wonderful gift to receive anytime of the year. Just one question, am I on your list to receive a set. Tee Hee. Happy Holidays and looking forward to seeing you and your husband again at Art Unraveled. Kay

  4. COOL! I haven't stopped by your blog in a while, and I can see I've missed a lot of good stuff. I esp. love that green needle felting. And those red cups! Thanks for dropping by my sadly neglected blog -- I'm hoping to get on a reasonable blogging schedule, because I miss it. Peace to you and your dh this holiday season.

  5. oh my gosh Jane, how cute are they!!!


  6. Jane......they are wonderful! I tried my hand at that but never got a print I liked well enough to print:D Really cute napkins!


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