Sunday, October 17, 2010

two bee c

 Teaching art classes keeps me on my toes! I'm always on the look out for new projects and techniques, and then trying them in my studio. This exercise (from Sue Dove) is fun, and frankly addictive. Briefly, you collage pieces of color, torn or cut from magazines, and glue onto paper, making sure to leave lots of white space between the shapes. Then, you fill in the white space with oil pastel, and from the back of your artwork, cut the thing up into random squares/rectangles, turn them over and see what you've got. Then you can add color or whatever to each individual piece. THEN, you can scan it and play with it in photoshop (there goes another 3 hours in front of the computer!). The idea is to use these small color study/compositions as inspiration for painting or art piece from cloth. This is my recent exercise. Fun. lots of fun.


  1. I'll keep this in my mind for wintertime! I'm sure, I will have lots of fun with this project. Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Cariños de Trudis

  2. Sue's book looks as something I would really enjoy. I haven't seen it before, thanks for the tip from the book and the link to asmazon. I'm adding it to my huge wish list! :-)

  3. I knew I was saving all those magazines for a good reason. Off I Go...


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