Monday, October 04, 2010

Basillica San Marco

basillica san marco
I've completed Basillica San Marco! It's 37x21 inches. I started the quilt right after our return from Venice, Italy, in June, and in my usual way, created a piece at a time, joining them together until it was finished. As I'd written before, I'm proud of the content and intent of this piece.


  1. another amazing piece, Jane. It has been so informative to watch the process unfold! a beautiful piece--I am looking forward to seeing it in real life!! how heavy was the outline thread for the horses? was trying to figure that out--it really makes them become the focal point--but yet not intrusive for the rest of the intricate stitching--yeah on the free motion stitching!!! amazing!!

  2. Simply gorgeous, Jane! Bellisimo!


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