Sunday, February 12, 2012

San Diego workshop with me and Patti Digh

Jane LaFazio & Patti Digh
Patti Digh and I are collaborating.
We are teaching a one day workshop in San Diego, California on March 17, called Geography of Loss Workshop: Creating an Art Quilt Map.
I'm preparing and getting excited! Hope you'll join us.

stitching samples to show and teach students
bits of cloth and embellishments for each student

I'm busy assembling little bags of cloth,embellishments, a piece of beautiful felt for each student, and some handouts for stitching and more creative ideas to do with cloth.

here's the description of our workshop:

Geography of Loss Workshop: Creating an Art Quilt Map
Two master teachers, an extraordinary journey, a work of art with deep meaning.

We have all experienced loss of some kind -- death, the end of relationship, a child leaving home, betrayal, our own aging, or the loss of "what could have been." It is an integral part of the shared human condition, and yet a very personal one as well.
This inspirational workshop will combine language and art to help you find your way through loss… with a soft map…and will be limited to 25 participants.
The day will not be all about loss… but also about life, great love, and humor, and community. And beauty.
This one-day art and writing experience is a journey into that loss, on a deeply personal level. We'll combine writing, cloth and paper to create a personal art quilt about loss in your life--whatever that means to you at this moment in time. You'll write to prompts provided by Patti Digh and then with artist Jane LaFazio's guidance, creating 6 or so small, layered, stitched squares of cloth and paper as we work our way through the day together. You'll leave with a small finished art quilt and a deeper understanding of your new map through grief and loss. 

Saturday, March 17 in San Diego, California
 click here for more info and registration

Patti Digh 
Patti Digh is the author of six books, including bestsellers Life is a Verb and Creative is a Verb. She travels the world teaching others about mindfulness: to live fully, love well, let go deeply, and make a difference. Patti's comments have appeared on PBSand in The New York TimesFortune, the Wall Street Journal, the London Financial Times, and many other international publications. 

Jane & Patti


  1. Karin de Baay2/12/2012 8:11 AM

    I am signed up for the workshop already and seeing your preparation for it and the bits and pieces you've assembled for us -like little treasures-is getting me soooo excited and happy that I am able to participate. I love how you build the anticipation! Can't wait for the workshop.

  2. I so want to do this!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! wish I lived on that other coast!! Have a wonderful time and I know that you will share!

  3. Oh, how I wish I lived nearby; I have been working on a similar idea using emotions, but would have loved to join in this class.. especially since I am working through some big emotions right now..

  4. I so loved your watercolor class in Nov/Dec. This workshop sounds fantastic. I hope you might figure a way to offer this online someday. I know it wouldn't be the same but some of us just can't travel that far. cheryl g

  5. Great theme, wonderful collaboration. Unfortunately, physical geography prevents me from personally taking part.


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