Tuesday, March 19, 2013

easy surface design ~ work in progress

simple surface design
original fabric by Jane LaFazio
Remember this post, where I carved eraser stamps and stamped on fabric
Well, I dyed some of the fabric and created a small quilt. It's still in progress, with lots of hand stitching to come. And I need to resolve the edges. But I thought I'd give you a glimpse. 
in progress (23 inches x 10 inches ~ by Jane LaFazio


  1. Thanks for showing how you are using the stamped pieces. I like how you made cut-outs from some of them. I wouldn't have thought of doing that. Looking forward to seeing how you stitch them.

  2. Love Love Love! This is just beautiful!

  3. The colors are really nice. Can't wait to see it finished!


  4. Fun! I love projects that let you play, experiment, try new things! Can't wait to see what you do with your hand stitching, which is always a plus!


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