Monday, November 05, 2018

Sketching and Watercolor!

by Jane LaFazio

I just returned from the Sketchbook Skool convention in Pasadena, California. I am re-committed to work regularly in my sketchbook. 

And to keep you motivated, or help you learn to Sketch & Watercolor, my online classroom opened today for 'Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style." Join us!

And I'll try to post my sketchbook pages here, but you can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram
by Jane LaFazio
by Jane LaFazio


  1. I wish I could sign up for your course but I will be out of touch, taking a yoga course in Mexico, for 3 weeks. Do you have plans to offer it again? (I will be taking my journal to Mexico!)

    1. Yoga in Mexico sounds divine! Yes, I will offer the class again next year. Thanks!

  2. Loved seeing those 6"x6" sketchbooks you made earlier! You are always a huge inspiration Jane!! Cheers & happy painting to you!


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