Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Festival

Okay, just a few more photos from the Long Beach Quilt Festival. My quilt "Zen Eucalyptus" in the "Edges" exhibition. I'm so proud to have a piece in a big festival like this one, and now the whole "Edges" exhibition is traveling to the Houston Quilt Festival. Yippee!
AND, while I was doing open studios in Long Beach, the Quilts, Inc Vice President and Director of Education came by to see what I was working on. She asked me to submit a proposal to teach at next year's Long Beach Quilt Festival!! VERY flattering indeed!! You know I'll keep you posted as to whether they accept my proposal or not.

Judy Coates Perez has put some video of Make it University's Saturday night 60's 'project runway' craziness. Check it out here.

Jeannie Palmer Moore

My good friend and quilt event roomie, Jeannie Palmer Moore, also did open studios. We have a friendly competition to see who can get published the most in Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines.

Melly Testa

Another good friend, Melanie Testa, workin' the Bernina at open studios in Long Beach.

Linda Blinn

And Linda Blinn, another friend, at open studios!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buddy and my Montecito book

I compiled some of my sketch/watercolors from Montecito Summer Camp into an accordian book. Oh, yea, and Buddy.

hot summer days

and that's the slate mosaic floor I created a couple of years ago

Monday, July 27, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Festival: Open Studios

Pokey Bolton was kind enough to invite me to do Open Studios again this year at the Long Beach Quilt Festival. Here I am chatting with my peeps.

Long Beach Quilt Festival: Open Studios

You can see I have some of my sketches and quiltlets on the table. (thanks to Beth for these good photos!)

60s night at Long Beach Quilt Fest

Jamie Fingal, Judy Coates Perez, Leslie Jenison, Pokey Bolton (Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine & Cloth Paper Scissors) Melanie Testa, and me. "Make it University" at the Long Beach Quilt Festival, had a 60's night with Pokey has the host. We were her 'Mod Squad" and helped judge the fashion contest. Mostly we danced and sang along with the music that Pokey played. It was tons of fun! (Jamie & Leslie made the aprons for us.)
Click on the photo to see the whole thing. It's a little too cropped in this blog version

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Classes & Workshops

Hey! I updated my website with all my upcoming classes. Got some classes for kids too, and of course adults. Check it out here.

giant dandelion puff

A few photos from our week at Montecito. The largest dandelion puff I've ever seen!

huge sequoia at muir grove

Me & Husb. A Giant Sequoia. Aptly named! These are the world's largest trees.

2009 Montecito Luau night

Luau Night at Montecito.

Montecito Art class outside

Every day, while at Montecito, I taught a sketching & watercolor class. Pretty darn nice working conditions! You can see all the photos from Montecito here (from 2008 and 2009.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

corn flower

At Montecito, this last week, I taught art (Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style) twice each morning to a lovely group of adults. We went to various locations around the camp, set up our chairs and sketched & painted.


Montecito is at about 7,500 feet elevation in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park. The temperatures were perfect! high 70's with an occasional cooling breeze, so it was perfect for outside drawing.

wild flowers

When I wasn't teaching (every morning from 9:15-noon) husb and I were taking part in camp activities, like rifle range, canoeing, tie-dyeing, and hiking.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

luau night at Montecito

We're home from Montecito! We had a wonderful time, and did lots of art and hiking in beautiful Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park. No, we weren't the only ones dressed like this--it was Luau night at Montecitio Family Summer Camp.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Come with me to Orvieto, Italy in May 2010

I'm teaching "Bella Italia: Orvieto Sketchbook" the Week of May 23-29, 2010. For our week in Orvieto, we’ll be staying in the spacious, graceful, quiet, Istituto San Lodovico. It is a large old palace that has served as a school and is now a convent Bed and Breakfast run by three nuns. Parts of the building date to as early as the 14th century. There are remnants of frescoes from the period, one that is said to have been done by Michelangelo when he visited on his way to Rome to paint the Sistine Chapel. You’ll have room to stretch. There is a garden, a courtyard, valley overlooks, a library, a lounge, several kitchens. It is like being in a home – comfortable, cozy, and welcoming. The convent hides behind high walls and large arched doorways. Passing through the arched portal is like passing into another world. Pristine silence, lovely gardens, patios, fountains, and simplicity greet the visitor. The rooms are spare but completely modern. Full baths in all. Spotlessly clean. Marble stairways, old oriental carpeting, huge leather couches. No noise. Whisper quiet. You sleep very well.
Won't you join us? Check out the rest of the trip plan here.
Meanwhile, dear blog readers, I'm off for a week to Sequoia National Park. I'll be teaching at Montecito Family Vacation camp in the mornings and adventuring with my husb the rest of the time!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A new place to learn art in San Diego.

My friend, Lauren Becker Downey has reopened her Bravo Workshops under the name
Bravo School of Art
NTC Liberty Station
2690 Historic Decatur Rd, Studio 206
San Diego, CA 92106
(There will be a website, but it's not up yet.)

I'm teaching these workshops:

Adult Classes:
COLLAGE 101 with Jane LaFazio
Sunday, October 18, 1 - 4pm
Saturday, December 12, 1 - 4pm

Are you ready to start making some art and don’t know where to begin? Collage is a great wayto express yourself creativity and inexpensively. Use a glue stick or acrylic medium, use old magazines or fine imported rice paper, recycle packaging or antique envelopes. Any and all can make a wonderful small art piece. In this workshop you’ll start 4 or 5 small collages, and maybe finish 1 or 2 in class. Play with color, composition and focal point.
Workshop fee $38 members $44 non-members

Kids Classes:
FISH PRINTING (for kids ages 8-12) with Jane LaFazio
Saturday, August 15, 9 - 10:30 am

Don’t worry! We won’t be using real fish, just rubber replicas to create multi-colored prints on fabric. As it’s called in Japan, Gyotaku is the process of painting the fish with the colors of their
choice, then laying fabric on top to create a one-of-a kind print. Students will have an opportunity to make many prints, including ones on a t-shirt and on fabric. Once the fish are printed, the fabric will be assembled and sewn to create a pillow or wall hanging. Please bring
a clean white t-shirt.
Fee $20.00 members $23.00 non-members
Materials fee: $8 per child

SELF PORTRAIT (for kids ages 8-12) with Jane LaFazio
Saturday, October 24, 11am - 12:30pm

Using soft pastel (chalk), create an original self-portrait on colored paper. With gentle instruction on facial proportion and placement of features, children will draw a face and color it in, learning to blend the chalk to their own skin tone. Self-portrait hair color and hair styles are left to their creative judgment!
Fee $20.00 members $23.00 non-members
Materials fee $2

CLAY PLAY(for kids ages 8-12) with Jane LaFazio
Saturday, November 7, 11am - 12:30pm

Using air-dry clay, children will learn some basic skills of hand- building like pinch pots, coil pots and slab construction. Then, let loose to use their own imagination to create whatever they’d like from aliens, animals or whatever! Children will take home their clay creations to air dry. Clay can also be painted at home.
Fee $20.00 members $23.00 non-members
Materials fee $10

Kimono: Aloe Butterfly

I think you may have seen this one before. It's paste paper collage on to watercolor paper. Part of my current Kimono series.

Kimono: Golden Hibiscus

I just finished this one. Paste paper, collaged on to hand dye fabric, machine and hand stitched. Embroidered hibiscus on cloth in the center.

Kimono Series

Here are my three recent Kimono pieces. I'm having fun exploring one image, using different mediums. The one on the upper left "Kimono: Matilija Music" is paper on canvas. "Kimono: Aloe Butterfly" is on the right and the lower one is "Kimono: Golden Hibiscus."

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Purple Marbles

I tried something all together new with this quilt. (It's about 12x12inches). It's made with hand-dyed batting, needle felted, monoprinted organza and machine and hand quilted.


BeBop demanded equal time with Buddy on the blog.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My student

So, I have a new thing. Private lessons of "Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style." The one-on-one, 3-hour session takes place in Bernardo Winery (in North San Diego) and cost $75. Here's Elizabeth, my student from yesterday, sketching and painting at the Winery. Contact me to set up a date!


Here's the hibiscus that I drew, while showing my student.

winery leaf

We started simple, by doing a leaf.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Say hi to me in Long Beach

Are you going to the Long Beach Quilt Festival the end of July? I'll be doing Open Studios in the Quilting Arts make it university area on Friday, July 24, 12:30-2:30 and Sunday, July 26, 12:30-2:30. Come by and say hi!!

Here's a semi-detail view of my Zen Eucalyptus. This quilt will be on exhibition as part of "Edges" at the Long Beach Quilt Festival.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Husb's got some relatives in from Norway, so we're having a BBQ tonight for them. I made this cake to impress them. (Easy cake, and I'm thinking yummy. Anything with whipped cream is good!)

Stars and ...dots

Stars and ...dots
Originally uploaded by janelafazio.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

oaxaca bird

Inspired by Melanie Testa's book "Inspired to Quilt" I created this small (8.5x11") quilt. It's layered with organza, and painted and beaded and hand-sewn.

backyard birds

Real birds from our backyard, but drawn from photos, using my newly discovered technique.
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