Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mundo LIndo Tuesday kids

Mundo Lindo ends the last week in May after 2 years. Here's a really sweet photo of the Tuesday kids with their chalk pastel self portraits. I'm going to miss the kids and the program.


Another little 4x4" quiltlet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

rabbit collection_LaFazio

I am sooooooo excited!! I've got a Spoonflower Jones big time! Yup, I downloaded images from my watercolor sketchbooks and they make it into fabric!! I immediately ordered 4 yards, each with a different design. Totally cool! I'm very happy with Rabbit Collection and my mind is reeling with ideas. I could dye it, I could quilt it, I could make a shirt (well, have someone sew a shirt for me) I could make pillows or tote bags.

watercolor brush_LaFazio

A watercolor brush pin strip. Imagine an apron?

keen sandals_LaFazio

This one cracks me up! Obviously, I need to consider scale on my next order. Meantime I think this will make fabulous walking shorts!

button box_LaFazio

Another amusing result! The buttons, from a friend's mother's button box, came out too large. No matter, I think I'll make something for the friends, as a gift. A pillow for their guest room perhaps?

Oh man, I'm going to be deep in piles of Spoonflower fabric. I'm lovin this!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mystery Woman

Okay, Flickr fans, who is the woman on the left? The correct answer will win something. I don't know what yet, but it will be fabulous.
NOTE: Rachel gave it away in the san diego sketchcrawl post! It's Mistress of Longears!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

another parrot feather

there's metallic gold thread in the feather, but the photo doesn't capture it.

parrot feathers on cloth

I'm a visual-learner, so this photo is, to me, a complete lesson. (Well, except for the stitching.) Is it enough for you to try it? Just wondering.

in process

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 wishes!

I have 3 wishes. 1) to have a one woman show of all my art work 2) write a book of kids art projects based on my Mundo Lindo program 3) teach and travel with my husband (like the teaching trips I have planned at Montecito and Orvieto). There, now the universe knows!

This 3rd bird on a pear is on woven watercolor paper, painted and stitched and the image is a gel skin transfer, also stitched. It's about 5x5"

Monday, April 20, 2009

parrot feathers

Amy gave me a whole bunch of gorgeous parrot feathers from her flock. First, I had to draw them.

parrot feather

Then draw and stitch..oh oh. I can see stencils and feather prints in my future!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

fish school

I did fish printing (gyotaku) with the Mundo Lindo kids last week, so here's what I made with my prints.

Workshop in Old Town, San Diego

A beautiful day in San Diego, yesterday, for my one day workshop "Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style." Eighteen participants. We accomplished a lot in one day! When you think about it, some learned to draw, to paint with watercolors, to paint in public for the first time AND draw a building! I'll be teaching this workshop again in November through the Shepherdess in Old Town San Diego.

Workshop in Old Town, San Diego

Here's part of the group from yesterday's workshop. We were in Bazaar del Mundo, a lovely spot to draw (and shop!)

Online class starts May 28th

Registration is started for "Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth" online version. Remember my most recent article in Cloth Paper Scissors about "Recycled Circles?" It's one of the lessons in the online class.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lake Poway, California

Husb and I walked around Lake Poway on Sunday morning. Only the second time we've done the trail since the fires of October 2007.

Lake Poway. 1.5 years after the fire

You can see the remains of the October 07 fire very clearly in the burned tree trunks. But also, the wonderful green and wildflowers. My photos of January 07 are here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

9 far

Here are my 9 (so far) little 4x4" embroidery thingies. They are sort of an extension of my sketchbook. They are drawn on canvas with a marker, then painted with fabric paint (I only have 2 colors, so they all match) and then hand stitched while watching TV in the evening. I scanned them all and created this jpeg---in real life they are still in a stack. I’m going to make some more and see where they go and how to finish, or present them…

Sunday, April 12, 2009

bird on a pom

It's about 10 inches square, all Rit-dyed batting. Hand stitched. Inspired by this one.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

tree of life: danielle

Here's the completed "Tree of Life" for a woman in Texas. She commissioned it for her daughter's 21st birthday. It's watercolor on 22x30" with additional collage and charms and sewing. (Wish I'd gotten a professional photo, I took this one at the post office, seconds before I sent it to her!)

tree of life heart detail

tree of life detail monkey

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

sneak peek

Rit dyed cotton batting project--sneak peek. I still want to add a few beads to the pomegranate, then I'll show you the whole thing.

Monday, April 06, 2009

laura's garden

My watercolor page from yesterday at Laura's garden. It truly is a magical beautiful place!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Laura's Garden

Our sketchcrawl group met here today, in Laura's Garden in Ocean Beach. GORGEOUS garden! I'm thrilled to be teaching at this beautiful location on June 20. Here's the scoop:
Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style in Laura's Garden in Ocean Beach, CA
with Jane LaFazio
Saturday June 20
$90 per person (includes all your supplies for the day)
Be inspired to record your life, a special trip, or your daily adventures in a loose, quick journal style format. Spend the day discovering in my beautiful garden with artist Jane LaFazio. Jane, known for her friendly, encouraging teaching style, will demonstrate drawing and watercolors on location using a straight-forward, intuitive approach. You’ll choose simple objects, vignettes or vistas to draw and paint, and then journaling your thoughts impressions on 5x7” pages. Everyone has their own drawing style, just like handwriting, and Jane will help you to see and then record what you see on paper. The class is geared for beginners, but all levels are welcome.
All materials are included in the fee. Bring a small camp stool or folding chair, hat, sunscreen and bag lunch.
Email Laura or check out

Friday, April 03, 2009

bird on a pear

this is a 4x4" stretched canvas, and I must say, I think it's quite cute. Recognize the bird on a pear from here?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


from our weekend in Laguna Beach.

artsy 2

The colors are soooo beautiful.

beaches site

Remember the movie "Beaches" with Bette Midler? This house was 'her' house in the movie. On the beach at Crystal Cove, just north of Laguna Beach. That would be the Pacific Ocean on the left.

breakfast at crystal cove

Husb and I had breakfast Monday morning at Crystal Cove. That's the Pacific Ocean in the background.

on the boardwalk

We started my "Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style" workshop on the boardwalk in downtown Laguna Beach. We're right on the ocean, and why I didn't get that photo, I don't know! (Those two guys were not in the class! they're playing chess at the next table.)

I asked them to bring chairs

Elaine, one of my students, sketching in the garden in downtown Laguna Beach.


Laura, one of my students, in the garden in downtown Laguna Beach.

My teaching schedule 2009

I just updated my website with my teaching schedule for the rest of the year. Yikes! I'm teaching a lot! Hope to see you in some of my classes and workshops. (All the details are on my website.)

Tree of Life: Art Quilt Workshop 2 day workshop: Saturdays May 9 & 16, San Diego

ONLINE Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth starts May 28, 2009

Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style, Saturday June 20 in San Diego

Art Unraveled August 4-11, Phoenix, Arizona
Paper on Cloth Collage, Wednesday, August 5, 9:30-4:30; Sketching and Watercolor Journal Style: COLLECTIONS Thursday, August 6, 9:30-4:30; Sketching and Watercolor Journal Style: ON LOCATION Friday, August 7, 7am-10am

Intro to Wet-Felting workshop August 25, Tuesday, San Diego

Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth: INTENSIVE August 26, 27, 28, 3-day workshop San Diego

Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style Saturday, September 26, Encinitas, California

Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style, November TBA 2009, in Old Town, San Diego

I’m teaching
Bella Italia: Orvieto Sketchbook Italy! Orvieto, Italy, May 23-29, 2010
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