Saturday, December 16, 2017

Crochet Mania!

My first scarf (Noro Yarn)
I've just (re)learned to crochet. I crochet in my twenties, made a rainbow colored sweater and when I tried it on it was huge! I don't think I ever wore it.
My third scarf (Noro Yarn)

I got the urge to try again, so I took an in person lesson to get started, then a friend helped me a bit more. Now I'm watching YouTube videos and making blankets!
Granny Squares (Caron 1lb yarn)
I am loving it and quite obsessed with it!

Buddy advises on the composition

BeBop approves of the finished blanket
I'm quite proud of my finished blanket, shown in our office/den. I'm already working on another blanket, this one for the bedroom. After all, I just don't too many scarves since I live in San Diego! 

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