Saturday, January 30, 2010

My SweetieHearts

Come on, have you ever seen any cuter kitties!? Our BeBop and Buddy. I wonder if Janey will draw them.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I got my copy of Jane Davila's Surface Design Essentials in the mail today. It's adorable! It's ~5x9 inches and full of ideas, oh and I'm on page 67!

more slow stitching

I'm teaching a one day wet felting and embellishment (and a 2 day mixed media) at Idyllwild this summer. Here's the link to the website--both of my classes are in the mixed media section Registration starts February 1.

On a totally different topic, if you're a teacher or community organizer, here's a wonderful project to help Haiti. My Mundo Lindo kids will be making them next week.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

orange bird and pods ~ detail

A bit of collage. paper on paper. (and machine stitch)

memories of the silk road~ detail

Now that I've rediscovered the macro lens in my digital camera (okay, stumbled up on it) I'm taking some closeups of older quilts. I made this "Memories of a Silk Road" in 2005. Here's the entire quilt. And more detail shots here and here. The quilt is 18.5 x 15 inches and I've always loved it. (That's probably why I still have it, cuz I won't lower the price $850) It's made from used Tibetan prayer flags, bits of silk, ribbon, and hand-dyed silk and beaded and stitched. You know, I lived in Asia in the mid 80s and traveled to India among other places.....This piece reminds me of the opulence of old India and China.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

slow cloth~ the details

I like this close up quite a bit! I think I might print up some notecards with these slow cloth closeups.

slow cloth

I just photographed a bunch of details from this series. See them all here. Like much of my hand stitching, I create the base during the day in my studio, then stitch on them in the evening while watching TV (of course, only educational programs! ha!)

summer of love

Here's the finished piece. I'm calling it 'Summer of Love' as a reference to the sixties in San Francisco. The only other title that came to mind was Octopus Garden (you can see I'm stuck in the past here). I welcome a new title! (Flower Power is already taken.) You can see a close up here of the stitching. And here is the inspiration for the piece, a rug I've ordered because I feel in love with the pattern. Rug and quilt will reside in my kitchen.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a peak of a tiny quilt in progress

It's raining buckets in San Diego, and I'm working on a flower covered tiny quilt. Lots more embellishment to go. (This is a small cropped section of an 8x8" quilt.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

pink circle - details

I showed you the whole piece here. But now that I've remembered the macro setting on my camera, thought you'd like to see a close up.

pink circle--detail

Another detail show of Pink Circles. (I'm teaching this "Recycled Circles" at Art Unraveled in August.)

pom story

I told you I've been working with paper on cloth for some upcoming classes. Here's one that I 'finished' (if your definition of finished is raw edges with the batting showing) that's a combination of two different pieces, that I worked together. I love to cut and paste disparate elements together and make them work.

pom story--detail

Here's a detail shot. this one is all machine sewn, with my version of free motion stitching.

felted rock

Yup, the promised 'felted rock.' It's actually very small, and totally useless.

flower power

I wish I had a more creative title for this, but as a child of the sixties, it just screams Flower Power! You know, I'm teaching a workshop this Saturday, and when I started preparing for it, I thought it was 'Cloth on Paper" so I did this piece using, yup, fabric on paper and machine stitched. THEN, I realized the workshp was supposed to be "Paper on Cloth!" so I had to start on something else!

flower power--detail

Detail of "Flower Power." It's layered and machine stitched and I think there's some paint on there too.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Universal Yes --detail

Here's a detail of the piece I'm nearly finished with. Can you see the Beryl Taylor influence? I watched her DVD and was very inspired.

Universal Yes

The piece is only 8 x 8" so I'm thinking I may add a border to it. It's machine and hand stitched and beaded, and made from paper on cloth. (I'm preparing for a workshop I'm teaching this Saturday in Escondido. I'll also include this in my upcoming Athenaeum class, starting February 1 for 8 weeks.)

my kitchen window

My new stained glass mosaic. I just bought it from my friend Virginia. I love it and love how it looks in our kitchen window.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

western tanager

I did these inside the Buena Vista Nature Center today, on our Sketchcrawl. No, they weren't flying through, they were part of the display (real, but stuffed.)


Another from the Nature Center display. I wanted to challenge myself with this view.....and I did.

sketchcrawl today!

Here's one of my many reasons I'm thankful I live in San Diego! This was our sketchcrawl group today, at Buena Vista Nature Center in Oceanside. Gorgeous day, fabulous group. Here we are eating lunch and sharing our journals.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mundo Lindo!

Mundo Lindo, the free afterschool art program I created and teach has started up again, thanks to generous donors and California Center for the Arts, Escondido. Nineteen kids in class today, all 4th and 5th graders.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

preparing for Orvieto

My book on learning Italian arrived. And, at the same time, this email from Kristi Steiner arrived, telling about the shopping available in Orvieto, during my "Bella Italia: Orvieto Sketchbook" trip May 23-29:

"Oh my! Of course....the shopping! It is fabulous. It's a perfect case of "so much shopping, so little time!" Orvieto has always been known for its high level of craftsmanship, all the way back to Etruscan times. This legacy continues with small ceramic studios dotting the main street, Corso Cavour, as it winds through town. There's even an entire "alley" devoted to crafts with a fine leather shop, amazing woodworking, beautiful linens, and a textile gallery with irresistible woven treasures. I hope we'll have time to prowl around two yummy shops offering classic handmade Italian journals, calligraphy pens, sealing wax, and papers. And I'll show you my favorite office supply store where I stock up terrific Coccoina glue sticks and pens. I'll take you by an import shop that has lots of scarves...the perfect gift to take back to friends or to wear like the Italians do. But don't forget shopping for chocolate, olive oil, and local dried porcini mushrooms. Oh my! If we are lucky, there might be an impromptu crafts fair set up in several of the streets, and every so often we luck into an antique market. Never fear though, Market Day is filled with all kinds of offerings and we'll definitely all shop for picnic supplies to share around our huge table in the courtyard. This is what we love about our trips to Orvieto, the delicious combination of art combined with the surprises of Orvieto. enjoy! Kristi "

Only two spots left!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Amigos de Allende (except for Helen)

One more photo from Sunday's Artist Panel. Back row: Andrea Cassillas Hein, Virginia Sumner, Josie Rodriguez. Front row: Don Strom (aka Husb), me (Jane LaFazio) Jill Hall.

Artist Panel Discussion

Yesterday, my Amigos de Allende group held an artist panel discussion in downtown San Diego at The Ink Spot. About 30 people attended, and we all agreed it was a fun and informative event. Husb, Andrea Hein Cassillas, Virginia Sumner, Josie Rodriguez, Jill Hall and me were on the panel (Helen Shafer Garcia couldn't be there) and Patrick McMahon was the moderator. You can see a few more photos here.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

green olives

Here's my wet-felted piece from the workshop I taught today. I'll stitch and embellish and it may be a pillow on my sofa (that's the sofa fabric in the background)

january 9th workshop

I taught a wet-felting workshop today. I had 13 students but forgot to get photos of all the pieces. These are about each 15x15" It's such a great workshop, because everyone comes away successful with a piece of handmade felt. So easy (except for the labor part) and low tech and so satisfying. I'm teaching this in Idyllwild this summer on July 6th, a full day, where we'll make the felt in the morning and embellish it in the afternoon. Waay fun. (The Idyllwild Summer Arts catalog comes out in February. You can request a catalog here.)

Friday, January 08, 2010

felted soap in dish

I've really been enjoying wet-felted and have learned a lot from the book Uniquely Felt by Christine White. But, it was seeing this post by Judy Coates Perez that inspired this project. This soap is functional (gasp) so of course, now I'm off to felt some rocks and sticks to be purely decorative.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

goin' green

This is number 7 of 13 of these! You can see the first 7 here. I'll photo the rest (and hopefully do a better job of photographing.) They are needlefelted first (with roving, silk, thread, dyed batting...whatever is handy and goes with green) and then hand-stitched like crazy. They're about 9x11" or so. Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy hand stitching?

Monday, January 04, 2010

my cocktail napkins

Now I have my own set of cocktail napkins made from my watercolors. Spoonflower, of course.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


I feel like I haven't been drawing very much in my journal and I miss it. I did this last week while teaching a one-on-one to Maureen (who just happens to be going on the Orvieto Italy trip in May! Only 2 spots left, by the way.) We had a lovely couple of hours drawing and painting at the winery. I just can't resist the hibiscus, they're still blooming, huge and gorgeous in January--well, yes, this is San Diego.

Friday, January 01, 2010


I made this wet-felted piece yesterday. It's about 17x17" As you can tell, I'm still hung up on circles....Just gotta work through it, I guess. Anyway, I'll probably cut this piece up, as I'm not thrilled with the design. The chartreuse green (at the top) would have been better as an accent on the two shades of purple, so I'll do that next time.
I'm prepping for the wet-felting workshop I'm teaching on Saturday in Escondido. (Email me, there's still a few spaces)

And Happy 2010!! I'm not sure if I'll make resolutions/affirmations yet...well, other than the 'lose 5 lbs' usual mantra. How about you? Goals/plans/creative challenges for the new year?

crocus (in progress)

Here's the wet-felting piece, while it's still dry. It's made of about 6 layers of merino wool roving, and the circles are roving, yarn and prefelts.

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