Thursday, January 31, 2019

Milagros! in felt.

Hey San Diego, I'm teaching this one day workshop at Art on 30th. Details and sign up HERE.

I've been creating some new ones for the workshop:
Milagros by Jane LaFazio

with help from BeBop!

Monday, January 28, 2019

from my sketchbook ~ Balboa Park, San Diego

Sketching and Watercolor in beautiful Balboa Park, San Diego, CA by Jane LaFazio

California Tower ~ Balboa Park by Jane LaFazio

Pencil, then ink. 

Erase the pencil

Drawing in San Diego Museum of Art, with a Tombow pen

Camel from China ~ by Jane LaFazio
All these people went to Cuba with me in January 2018.
We had a reunion in San Diego and painted at Balboa Park.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

from my sketchbook ~ precious oranges

by Jane LaFazio
I had to document these two oranges, since they are only the 6th or 7th that has grown on this potted orange tree! I know, we should be fertilizing....Maybe that can be my new years resolution?

in progress

pencil in the text first.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Coronado, California ~ reunion with friends

My page from the Glorietta Bay Inn (done over a few days) (by Jane LaFazio)

Husband, Don and I traveled 40 minutes south of our home, to Coronado, for a reunion with a group we'd traveled to Cuba with in January 2018.
The view from our hotel room window
The view from our hotel room window by Jane LaFazio

My page in progress
  (We got chocolate chip cookies and milk delivered to our room every evening.)

Notice the image of the Blood Moon (January 20) in my sketchbook, above.
This is what we actually saw. Artistic License!

Breakfast on the patio of the hotel. This resident seagull was an experienced thief!
That's why I drew him in a WANTED poster on my sketchbook page.

Glorietta Bay Inn, Coronado, California
We all stayed at Glorietta Bay Inn. It was John D. Spreckels mansion and he lived there from 1907 to 1926. He also owned, at one time, the Hotel Del Coronado, right across the street.

Coronado is right next to San Diego, and a really charming island and place to stay.

We also took the Coronado Walking Tour, with a guide named Gerri, and it was excellent.

Our gang on the steps of the hotel. We all traveled to Cuba together in January 2018.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Morocco VIDEO of my trip and sketchbook

I took this in the old city in Casablanca. on the left and what's going on in that lane. I love this photo! There's so much in it! by Jane LaFazio
My husband and I spent 12 days on a tour of Morocco. We visited Marrakech, Casablanca and a day trip to Rabat. I hope you enjoy this VIDEO I made, of my images and the sketchbook I made for the trip.

Music: Kyma Kai Vrahos by Stellios Petrakis 
See the rest of my sketchbook in my VIDEO.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

from my sketchbook ~ amaryllis bloom

Amaryllis in bloom

pencil then inked



Oops! that was my fault, smearing the text! oh well, turn the page. By Jane LaFazio

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

from my sketchbook ~ waiting in the airport

Just draw whatever is in front of you.

My husband and I went to Morocco! I'm working on the video from our trip, and of course, it will include the sketchbook from the journey. Meanwhile, a couple of pages from New York, as we waited for the plane to Casablanca.

Rather than drawing people, I chose to draw their luggage....
I still had to work fast, because of people piling more luggage in front of what I was drawing...

Waiting at JFK by Jane LaFazio

My sweet husband was drawing too!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

from my sketchbook ~ persimmons, again.

I love to eat and draw persimmons. By Jane LaFazio
I used a Stabilo ALL pencil to draw these.

And I made another little Moon Bowl from Tonia Jenny's online workshop. (I used my hand carved stamp on this one.)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

from my sketchbook ~ a gift from grandma

from my maternal grandmother ~ by Jane LaFazio
lots of details.....
drawing something precious to you is priceless. by Jane LaFazio

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

from my sketchbook ~ geraniums and vegetables

Geraniums by Jane LaFazio
I always draw from real life.

drawing rather than cooking

always do the shadows last

What? I cooked twice in the same month! shocking! by Jane LaFazio

Saturday, January 05, 2019

ONLINE class: Sketching and Watercolor in a Mixed Media Journal

Is open for registration! $125 for a 6 week class. 

The classroom opens on January 21 and the first lesson is released January 25, 2019


There’s no substitute for learning to draw from real life objects, and that’s what we’ll do each week. Jane will teach you her quick and intuitive method to drawing and watercolor. Then each lesson will be an assignment or suggestion of what to draw, and some new techniques and theme to enhance your illustrated journal entries. Working in a 9x12” (suggested size) journal, you’ll be drawing every week, often working on one page for a few days, designing the page as you draw. This is the class to take your art journaling to the next step.
(This class is geared for students who have had some experience in drawing. If you're new to drawing, take my Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style first.)
Each week you'll receive an email with a link to new lesson. The lessons are available 24/7 and you'll receive a downloadable step-by-step pdf to work from. There are videos and examples from Jane's sketchbook to support the lessons. Just like in a real classroom, you'll be able to see fellow students sketchbook pages and will be able to comment and praise their work and they'll be able to see your pages too (as long as you post them!). And you'll get honest and gentle critiques on all your work from Jane.  (The step by step pdf lessons are yours to keep and the classroom will close 3 weeks after the last lesson is released.)

Recent comments from my online students:
Hi there! Jane, thank you so much for a fantastic class. I have taken many art classes online before but never has the instructor offered real time feedback. I found your feedback (and the fact that you give feedback) so helpful, both on my projects and to see the tips you offered others. . I enjoyed taking the class real time with so many other artists -- it kept me on track to make sure I turned in my homework on time even though life is busy. 
+++++++++Much gratitude for a great art experience! I, along with many others, have never taken an online art class and I found it to be easy, friendly, and a great way to work in my own space at my own pace. Even in my jammies! As a newly retired classroom teacher who started off as an art major more than 40 years ago and then set my art supplies aside, I so appreciate the motivation to just pull out the paints again and get started. I absolutely love your fun, creative and free style! Again, many thanks for the inspiration and guidance.
Week one: Something from Nature: composing a page with multiple drawings of the same theme
Week two: Everyday Objects: drawing and blending with a water soluble pen
Week three: 8 objects 8 ways: Draw objects within a theme, on the same page, using different techniques part one
Week four: 8 objects 8 ways: Draw objects within a theme, on the same page, using different techniques part two
Week five: Stamp Design and Carving
Week six: Collage as a Background
You'll receive the complete list of materials (with links and descriptions) when you sign up, but basically you'll need a sketchbook watercolor paper, watercolors, a watercolor brush, and a permanent ink pen, pencil and eraser, glue, a water soluble pen, water soluble pencil, collage papers, and optional stamp carving to and optional stamp carving tools and absorbent ground. Don't buy the stuff until you get the actual materials list.

Thanks so much Jane for being a fabulous teacher and also to my classmates who also inspire, encourage and teach me!  Of course I learnt techniques and tips for art, which I was expecting... What I was also reminded of so much was the wonders and treasures of the world ...and the preciousness of each day!  (That is my nice way of saying as I watched flowers and leaves bloom and wither it was a constant reminder of the cycles of life and how tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us!!)
      I really appreciate the structure of this course - a set time frame, so I can focus on making art a priority for 6 or 7 weeks. (I know my commitments and myself to know that an anytime or whole year class would result in procrastination and delay)  Also the connection and feedback from you Jane and other classmates.  Also the many images of inspiration you provide of your own work and the great fast and informative tutorial videos.  And the downloads I can keep!


I also  want to thank you "again" for providing the opportunity to learn and partake of your well structured and presented lessons, (class) Your class provided the opportunity for each one of us, if inclined, to interact, share, learn and to be amazed by our peers.  There is the "social bonding" that also takes place in your classes, which you  encouraged and I thank you for that.
What did I learn?  In a way the learning sneaks up you.  There are so many ways that occurred for me.  The lesson structure, the actual application of the techniques, your critiques, critiques from my peers and the opportunity to read your critiques and peer critiques of all our work.  Also learning from the oops moments. ha  This class helped me develop better composition, drawing, colour balance, actual journaling and mixed media skills. (Putting it together in one page or more.)  I had many aha moments, with each lesson I attempted.  I think overall aha is that I want to continue making mixed media journal pages.   


Thanks, Jane, for another great class. I really enjoyed learning some new techniques for collage and making those stamps. I plan to do more. I appreciate that you find the time to comment on each person's work and offer helpful hints. I learn from ALL of your comments and also from seeing everyone's work. I have recommended your classes to all of my friends. I also appreciate your detailed instructions in the pdf format. It's so easy to print them out to keep and use for reference. 

I hope to take a class in person someday. You are an excellent teacher and I plan to take more classes in the future. 

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