Sunday, June 18, 2006

My watercolor brush...for sketch crawls

It's called the Niji waterbrush. (I've been mis-spelling it.) It's perfect for 'on the go' watercolor painting!

My friend, Andrea, gave it to me, on the recommendation of Danny Gregory. (Okay, she gave it to my husb, and I'm borrowing it.)


  1. I have a round and flat Niji waterbrush...I like the round the best...if you are sketching something large the flat is great, but I usually use a small moleskine, so the round works better for me...Your sketches are awesome!

  2. these are totally amazing.. I got wayy more versatile with watercolors due to these pens and they are really good with moleskine sketchbooks, not even the watercolor kind!! good luck jane


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