Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Husb found his first fall leaf of the season, and had to show it to me right away---even though I was in the shower!

One of my fave journal artists is Amanda Kavanagh. I've never met her, know nothing about her personally, other than her photostream. I do know that her travel sketches are so beautiful they make me cry, and that I want to emulate her.

The cup (on the left) is the one I use at my bathroom sink and is made by Mary Cuzick. It cost $34, which I think is expensive, though I love it. My friend Pamela has a set of12 place settings of dishes, all made by Mary! They are gorgeous, needless to say.
watercolor moleskine

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  1. MORE INCREDIBLE WORK, JANE!!! Thanks for your daily inspiration!


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