Monday, March 26, 2007

Batter-dipped deep fried oreo cookies

My weekend at the Borrego Springs art show was great fun. The crowds were less than in years past, so I didn't make much money. I did have a wonderful time with husb and pal Helen and her husb. Our booths were next to each other, so we chatted and drew all weekend. The weather was perfect!!

My booth was located about 50 yards from this food vendor. They made batter-dipped deep fried oreo cookies! Of course, in the interest of art research, I finally bought some on Sunday. Four for 2 dollars. They were surprisingly delicious! Just like a new orleans beignets, but with a soft oreo cookie inside. I only ate one, and shared the other three. We also ate wonderful breakfast burritos, but I ate mine instead of drawing it. As Helen said, it wasn't exactly a diet weekend.

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  1. Hmmm - sounds so bad it must be good. I really like the page you made; that cart is great!


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