Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cloth Paper Scissors

Have I mentioned that Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts are my very fave magazines. And not just because they publish my artwork and articles! In this latest issue, March/April 08 I've got an article on pages 82-85. Check it out. Both magazines are now owned by Interweave Press, but creator Pokey Bolton is still at the helm. (Her middle name really is Pocahontas.) Anyway, I'm going to be in one of their upcoming books. Mixed-media Self-portraits will be out in September 2008 and I created a special self-portrait for it and wrote an article. Cool!


  1. I've subscribed now, so I hope that this will be my first issue I receive in the mail. I'll look for your article!

  2. You're sooooo cool! I will just have to go buy Cloth Paper Scissors so I can read the article! Next thing ya know, you'll be showing up on Quilt Arts TV! Yaaaaaaaa....


  3. I got mine yesterday. Nice job - congrats!

  4. congrats! I can't wait to read it; I need to check out the bookstore ASAP.


  6. Wow! How cool is that! Must try to get hold of the paper. I wonder if it`s sold in Sweden? I spend alot of time reading theese days. Since my hand surgery last monday thats about the only thing I can do in between taking painkillers and piling my hand up high.I`m going crazy and I`m already bored stiff! I look like Lord Nelson when I walk about the house with my hand tucked in my shirt....and I can only spend a little amount of time in front of the computer before my hand starts to throb, Very annoying!

    So I will return later and read your links.

    Lots of love to you my friend!

  7. I'm a subscriber - I have all the issues of CPS. It's my #1 favourite mag. I'll have to dig out the latest one and look up your article; of course, I've already read it but after seeing your blog I'll have to look again!


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