Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Emulating Janey She's published an all-portrait zine that's amazing. Here's my attempt of drawing "Janey-style" my husb from a photo. I did it quickly, needless to say and it was fun. I'm going to do more of these.


  1. I like your husb. One day I'll set up a Flickr group for drawings done "janey style". This is a real ego booster. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful! And I think Janey is onto something -- a Janey style flickr group would be fun!

  3. Nice! I just bought one of Janey's zines - lovely.... I've done a Janey style self portrait too ... Lets set up the Janey Appreciation Society ;)

  4. Hey Jane, now thats a great drawing! And a good looking husband!

    Forgot to tell you that I have a little contest going on at my place celebrating the fact that I now only have one blog ( used to have two....). With so much time on my hands to do creative stuff I might just give some of it away!

    Welcome to join the fun!

    Lots of love


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