Monday, June 16, 2008

Italy 2010

In 1998, I went on a wonderful trip to Tuscany, and wrote in my journal, 'dreams can come true.' Well, it's still true! I've been asked to teach in Orvieto, in beautiful Umbria, Italy in 2010. I know, it seems a long ways off, but not if you're saving your $ or putting in for vacaish time. Here's what I know so far. I'll be there May 23-29, 2010--of course husb is coming too. The trip is handled by the nice foks at Adventures In Italy. We'll stay together for a week in a wonderful convent/bed&breakfast. I'll gently guide you in drawing and seeing and watercolor in your personal journal in your own unique style. We'll also create a journal cover to house your visual memories of the week. Mixed in with sketching and painting, we'll tour around the area, doing wine tasting, cooking class, shopping in the local market...Ah....truly immersing ourselves in a relaxing real way. I am soooo looking forward to it, I had to draw the red poppies I remembered from my last trip to Italy...
There will be info up on the website in late August. So, question, what should I name this week adventure? I need a lovely, thought-provoking name...suggestions welcome!!


  1. How cool, Jane! That's Kristi's company, right? I took a class from her at ArtFiberfest last October, and she was so jazzed about doing the Italy trips. She is super sweet, too.

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming Italy trip. Sounds like you will have a wondeful time!

  3. Congrats Jane!!! What a cool trip and class! and I would name your adventure something like 'making dreams come true' or 'putting dreams on paper' or 'painting your dreams'.



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