Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What I'm doing this summer....

June 22-28 I'll be the artist in residence at the Montecito Lodge Family Summer Camp at Sequoia National Park.

Then in July, I'll be participating in the Quilting Arts Make It University at the Long Beach International Quilt Show, July 25 or 26.

And in August to Phoenix, Arizona (air conditioned hotel!) teaching at Art Unraveled Monday, August 4 and Tuesday evening, August 5.
[And, Ellen Speert and I just set the date for another "Painting in Your Journal with Watercolor" at her gorgeous garden in Encinitas for December 6. She'll have the registration info up soon, or you can just contact her through her website.]


  1. And what will you be doing in your spare time???? LOL What a summer -- it'll be fun -- but whew!!

  2. Jane - what fun! Amazing - we're going to miss you at Sequioa by ... just a few weeks! :)

  3. Lucky, lucky people who get to see your work and benefit from your teaching!

  4. Love your drawings from beach combing. Beautiful!


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