Friday, October 17, 2008

mirror for silent auction

For the past couple of years, I've asked my artist friends to create (decorate) an Ikea mirror for San Diego Brain Injury Foundation fundrasier. We usually get about 20 mirrors, all fabulous and original and totally different. Here's my mirror. The event is going to held October 26, 1-4:30 in LaJolla.


  1. Jane what a great idea! The mirror is fantastic. Can you order these from IKEA online? And do you do anything special to make them "paintable?" Share please! Or maybe even a Joggles class in the future?

    I'm a huge fan and this looks like a great project!

  2. Hi Mary! unfortunately, you'd can't order the mirrors online. They're only $3-4 each, and they make a great surface to work on. Hmmm a joggles class. I'll give it some thought..Though I am teaching some of the technique used on this mirror in my next joggles class. Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth.

  3. I've been eyeing that one. I just may have to sign up!

  4. The mirror and the idea is great.


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