Wednesday, October 29, 2008

feather fossils

The most recent of my organza shroud series, "Feather Fossils." I hope to get these into a local museum shop. Cross your fingers, I'll know soon. This is 10-1/2 x 13 inches.


  1. I love these - keeping fingers crossed. How would you display them? have them shadow box framed or?

  2. lovely piece...and yes, I'm interested in hearing how you will display these

  3. Hi Erica and Judy.
    You both asked about displaying. I have a new philosophy for art making...I'm just going to make art and let the buyer/collector figure out how he or she wants to display it. I mounted my earlier organza works between two sheets of plexi-glass, with 4 plexi bolts holding them together, and they looked lovely. But it was a ton of not so fun work for me. I've also displayed these hanging 'free' from a bamboo pole or stick--and that's what I plan to do at the museum. These piece look great hanging in from of a light source, because they are so sheer and layered...But I'll let the collector make those decisions. I'll keep you posted!

  4. I'm wondering about the colored feathers...Are they drawn and painted, screened or what onto the organza? Inquiring minds need to know. Quite lovely however you did them. Thanks for any information you'd be willing to share.

  5. I was wondering, too, if the feathers were real!
    It's such a nice piece. Good Luck getting in the museum shop.

  6. I used lots of technques. There are hand carved stamps, shiva paintstick stencils, water soluable embroidery paper. The organza is rusted and coffee stained. No real feathers in this one, I'll post the one that does have a real feather in it.


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