Saturday, April 25, 2009

button box_LaFazio

Another amusing result! The buttons, from a friend's mother's button box, came out too large. No matter, I think I'll make something for the friends, as a gift. A pillow for their guest room perhaps?

Oh man, I'm going to be deep in piles of Spoonflower fabric. I'm lovin this!!


  1. These fabrics just look incredible!! Isn't it brilliant to see your art actually on the fabric?!

  2. your custom fabric would also make a lovely duvet cover ... one could have it spread over the bed, or one could fold it at the foot of the bed, over a matelasse, for a real POP of excitement -- pulling it up to use when it's chilly. DARLING RESULTS. I'm loving them all !!!

  3. I am in New York at the airport wishing I had a chunk of this garter print to embroider and draw on on the way to Italy.
    Nancy L


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