Thursday, April 23, 2009

parrot feathers on cloth

I'm a visual-learner, so this photo is, to me, a complete lesson. (Well, except for the stitching.) Is it enough for you to try it? Just wondering.


  1. Brilliant, Jane! Who needs words? Your visuals are perfect for those who recognize the ingredients. I want one of those gorgeous feathers. I think I better visit a bird shoppe. Beautiful story

  2. Yup: that does it for me too! Give me the pics and maybe just a few words!


  3. Absolutely! I was just thinking that I want to try that & then read your last two lines! Thanks!


  4. I took your class at Shepherdess and am having a ball. Currently painting my garden one flower at a time. So why not on cloth? Bought a starter kit of Luminere and will be breaking it open this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.


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