Tuesday, January 05, 2010

goin' green

This is number 7 of 13 of these! You can see the first 7 here. I'll photo the rest (and hopefully do a better job of photographing.) They are needlefelted first (with roving, silk, thread, dyed batting...whatever is handy and goes with green) and then hand-stitched like crazy. They're about 9x11" or so. Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy hand stitching?


  1. Jane ! This whole set is really wonderful!!! The texture of the stitching is such a nice counterpoint to the flowing needle flet work!! There is nothing quite like handwork to calm the soul!!!
    Stitch on!! Can't wait to see more!!

  2. Jane, the hand stitching on this is fabulous. I love hand stitching too. I am working on a piece now.....can't wait to turn on the TV and stitch away.

  3. really, really nice work!


  4. Yes, and you're chasing me out of the ballpark on this one. I will never be able to even try to master hand stitching. (sob, sniff). The sewing machine doesn't even like me. But my soul is tres calm and your work is indeed a shining example!


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