Wednesday, January 27, 2010

memories of the silk road~ detail

Now that I've rediscovered the macro lens in my digital camera (okay, stumbled up on it) I'm taking some closeups of older quilts. I made this "Memories of a Silk Road" in 2005. Here's the entire quilt. And more detail shots here and here. The quilt is 18.5 x 15 inches and I've always loved it. (That's probably why I still have it, cuz I won't lower the price $850) It's made from used Tibetan prayer flags, bits of silk, ribbon, and hand-dyed silk and beaded and stitched. You know, I lived in Asia in the mid 80s and traveled to India among other places.....This piece reminds me of the opulence of old India and China.


  1. The Flickr photo is lovely, but I REALLY enjoyed being able to see the whole quilt...awesome, beautiful work, just great!!

  2. Now what camera is it you use?

  3. A beautiful quilt, far away and close-up. I'm glad you found that feature on your camera!!

  4. Jane This quilt is wonderful. Isthere anyway to have the way to make this. I love this not structured but just free hand making. Is there books ect to learn?
    Thank-you so,


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