Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Venice' in progress

Continuing working on this quilt inspired by my trip to Venice, in June. You can see how this piece started here. The size (now) is 22x22 inches.


  1. Thank you for all your comments which I really appreciate. Venice is probably one of the most atmospheric places I have visited.Lucky you to be working with Melanie Testa - I am a fan of her blog, and think it is full of her 'full on' personality.

  2. Back again. I couldn't find you e-mail. Noughts and Crosses measures 13 x121/2 inches, but it is on a piece of hand dyed brushed cotton, which is at least twice the size, so it could be made into a cushion cover. I would sell it,contact me if you are interested. I could finish it as a small hanging or leave as is to be finished as required.
    Regards, Jackie

  3. This is great, Jane. It's fun to watch the development and see the sketches with your inspiration.


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