Friday, April 05, 2013

Tile designs ~ and printmaking

painted prints by Jane LaFazio
painted prints by Jane LaFazio
Remember the reductive printmaking I did recently?  I used the last stamp, and stamped it on rice paper, then colored it in with watercolor! waay fun, and so much potential
painted prints by Jane LaFazio

reductive printing play
here was the printed version and the last stamp ~ by Jane LaFazio

I'm thinking of creating a class on tile designs. Watercolor, reductive printing, fun foam stamps! the list goes on and on. Yet another fab idea to pursue. Do you have as many ideas as I have? How do you chose which to pursue?
from my sketchbook
my so-called sketchbook is a little out of control! 


  1. Love this! I remember doing wallpaper designs in Jr. High... and yes, I get way too many ideas to ever have time to complete, but I keep some of them on a white board next to my desk, and it prompts me to focus on them. Meanwhile, the rest ferment in my brain, waiting to jump out at the right time! Scary place, my brain, but it keeps me creating, as I see yours does to you! Aren't we lucky?! ;-)

  2. I've got too many ideas too. Love your painted stamp. Just another idea to add to things I want to do! Love your sketch book bag. I've had a ton of overage lately. All just scattered in piles throughout the house.

  3. I get a lot of ideas when I'm working on something that doesn't take a lot of thought. Then all of a sudden I yell out "I Have An Idea". My husband says "Uh oh...I'm in trouble" because it usually involves him in at least an indirect way. Most of the ideas get eliminated after I sketch them out or start planning details and realize they really aren't so great. But some of them stick. I got one yesterday that I'm very excited about and need to polish up my website and Etsy store before I present it to the world. But I think it will be a winner. Hopefully, it will move forward and you'll hear about it in a few weeks.

  4. Jane, I think we're kindred spirits. I have so many ideas that I have to keep a paper and pencil beside my bed at night because I wake up in the night dreaming of art I want to make! My husband hears that little scratching noise at 3am and just laughs at me writing in the dark!

    You might love trying a wax resist with those stamps. Great on fabric... batik-like. You can also use the stamps in encaustic wax.

    If you really get going on the tile idea, a trip to Portugal or Spain with a side trip to nearby Morocco would be a perfect travel class. The tile is truly unbelievable, especially in the Islamic areas of North Africa. Very inspiring. I spent hours and hours sketching the tile in Casablanca. If you get to Britain and get to go to the cathedrals, look down at your feet. It's amazing what tile work is in those English cathedrals completely unnoticed. I'm taught art on a cruise to Alaska and was laying on my belly in the rain sketching tiny wildflowers in Sitka. The next day in class I heard people complaining about how boring and wet Sitka was. They were laughing about seeing some crazy Alaskan laying down in the woods in the chill. When they admired my sketches I had to laugh behind my hand. They never knew who it was! I am like you- ideas abound. If only there were more time!

  5. YES YES A class on tile designs done the way you did these! They are gorgeous Jane. Signing up now for the class.

  6. Love it! Bright colors and are very talented and I appreciate you sharing it! :)


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