Monday, May 02, 2016

5 day Nature Journal workshop. Lake Superior, Wisconsin

Watch this video to see beautiful Madeline Island, Wisconsin! 
This is Madeline Island School of the Arts
LaPointe, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Superior

July 11-15, 2016Five days of drawing, painting, printmaking and more! Limited to 15 students.
Madeline Island is in Lake Superior, just a short ferry from Bayfield, WI
I hold part of the class outside, here's one lovely location for drawing!
The classroom at the School of Madeline Island is fabulous!
I taught here last year and loved it!! Join me this year!

This fun workshop is open to all levels.

You will spend time outdoors, sketching and painting from nature, using pencil, pen and watercolor. Jane will show you basic drawing and quick, intuitive watercolor techniques, which will become the heart of your nature journal.

Using Madeline Island’s flowers, pods, leaves, and rocks, as subjects for your drawings, you’ll also carve original stamps, create mono-prints and add collage to your journal. There will be plenty of time to bring your findings back to the studio to draw and paint.

By the end of the week, your journal (made with fine watercolor paper) will be filled to the brim with color, images and memories of your week on the Island.

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