Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Pine Cone Stencil inspired by a carved stamp (S369)

Inspiration for Pine Cone stencil S369. by Jane LaFazio
The other stencils in my Pine Cone Stencil series for StencilGirl Products were all inspired by my drawings. But stencil S369 came from a stamp I carved from one of my drawings. StencilGirl cleverly made it a mask stencil. You can carefully remove  the image from the stencil and have the silhouette to create a mask as I've done below. 

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Pine Cone Stencil S369, designed by Jane LaFazio for StencilGirl Products
This stencil (S369) comes with a mask. After I carefully removed the detailed pine cone, I used the stencil silhouette and white gesso and a cosmetic sponge to create the image below. Then, I put the detailed pine cone image back into the silhouette and stenciled with turquoise acrylic to create the image above. Cool, huh? (When you have the stencil in your hand, you'll understand my directions easily, I promise!) 

And here's more of Pine Cone Stencil S369, without removing the mask. These are done on fabric with acrylic inks and a cosmetic sponge.

Pine Cone Stencil  on cloth by Jane LaFazio

Pine Cone Stencil  on cloth by Jane LaFazio
Pine Cone Stencil  on cloth by Jane LaFazio
I designed these stencils for StencilGirl Products. Stayed tuned! I have more tutorials coming up, using my new Pine Cone Stencil series!


  1. Lovely Jane. Always grateful for your sharing s.

  2. What a great design! This is beautiful on the fabric.

  3. I like what you're doing with that stencil, super!


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