Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Design and Carve your own Stamps. Workshop in San Clemente, CA

May 4: Stamp Design and Carving

$125. 10am-4pm

San Clemente Art Supply, San Clemente, California


Description: A rubber stamp of your own design is a wonderful addition to an artist’s personal ‘tool box.’ Create a simple, graphic design to be used again and again on paper, cloth or any surface. Jane will guide you to select an flower image from a copyright free source, change it, simplify it and then, once it’s your own unique creation, carve the design into a small printmaking block. You’ll use this skill again and again!

I love to design and carve my own original stamps. It's so satisfying! And you can use them on paper or cloth and they last for years and years. Don't worry if you don't think you can draw, I'll have copyright free books to inspire you.

REGISTER HERE for the May 4 workshop in San Clemente, California

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