Friday, April 14, 2017

Original mono-prints! for sale in my JaneVille Etsy Shop.

Monoprint art quilts by Jane LaFazio

These are original monoprinted cloth, and all hand stitched and embroidered by me. 

Ready to hang with the charming attached hanger. Quilt measures 14 by 6.5.
(Hanger is sewn on and adds 3.5 inches to the total height ~with hanger 17.5 x 6.5 inches)

FOR SALE in my JANEVILLE ETSY SHOP!  Wouldn't one made a fine mother's day gift for you or yours?
Cellular Workings (14x6.5 inches) by Jane LaFazio $65.

Jelly Beans (14x6.5 inches) by Jane LaFazio $65.

Moonrise (14x6.5 inches) by Jane LaFazio $65
Moonrise Shadow (14x6.5 inches) by Jane LaFazio $65

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  1. Love these! This could be a wonderful component of your 5-day class next year! (the one you solicited suggestions about...)


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