Wednesday, April 19, 2006

California Poppy

Here are pages from yesterday's journal entry. I picked a california poppy on our morning walk (is that against the law? I remember being told that as a kid. State flower and all.) I was going to draw the poppy in my studio, but my husb suggested that I sit out on our newly cleaned-for-spring patio and draw. Excellent suggestion. It was a perf day. Cloudless sky. Flowers brightly blooming. Hummingbird rockets. I drew for 45 minutes, then added a little more color with my watersoluable crayons in my studio. Thought of Karen W.'s post. How she paints at sundown, while her husb reads to her from the LA Times about the latest art exhibition at LA County Museum. I LOVE that. Appreciating life. Big time.


  1. Hi Jane, Yes I remember you. I might come with Jill sometime and I will maybe see you again. Pozo was great. DeMeng makes everything fun you know.

    Thanks for remembering me, Syd

  2. I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!


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