Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The working title of this small fabric piece is "Technique Extravaganza" because I used so many techniques! I'm working this up for the Art Quilt class I teach, to suggest uses of transfer techniques. Let's see if I can remember all I did to this piece! First, I dyed the fabric with SetaColor and did a sun print. Then using an inkjet transparency, I made a photo transfer of one of my recent sketchbook pages. I machine stitched the grid. Then I pumped up the color on the transfer, by using color pencil on the fabric. Then I appliqu├ęd some felt pieces. The multicolor felt flower is made with water soluble Solvy stuff. And I'm not done yet! I've started stitching, as you can see. I'm liking the upper left hand corner, where I've begun outlining the fern in black thread.
My first love, when it comes to working with fabric, is the simple act of stitching. Yet, I've been teaching my classes a few transfer techniques, and I've never successfully integrated a photo transfer into my own work...We'll see if that statement continues to hold true when I'm done with this piece! (It's about 6x9")


  1. You quilted a grid? That's really neat. And I really don't see how you managed to keep track of all those tehcniques.

  2. Wow this is very cool Jane, how have you been lately, havent heard from you. I love looking at all your new stuff and sketches, you are always starting something new! I have tons in the works but I have been painting alot lately. I have a few features coming out in some quilt mags for summer, hope you get a chance to see them. Hope all is well, I joined visions I loved that show!


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