Wednesday, January 05, 2011

journal pages

A couple of pages from a recent coffee shop visit.
And, the Many Moods of Bebop! (You can see a quilt I created, on the wall behind him, of his predessor, my beloved JazzCat. And he's on the pillow with the black and white kitty that looked like our late CoolBaby.)
The many moods of BeBop The many moods of BeBop
The many moods of BeBopThe many moods of BeBop
My girlfriends and I are off to Palm Springs for an artful weekend. I'll facebook while I'm gone and return with photos of the cool art projects we've created.


  1. What a pretty kitty! Happy New Year and have fun in Palm Springs.

  2. I love them both, Jane. I'm still practicing my sketching and hoping for a fraction of your creativity someday! I especially love the coffee rings!

  3. Have fun in the sun!!! Soak up some rays for me. I love your journal pages. Did you dust under the chair?

  4. That BeBop is somethin' else! Birman? Burmese? Absolutely gorgeous!

    Your journal pages are my inspiration, of course! The coffee rings on the first one are inspired, and it is lovely that you spend time with husb in the coffee shop. (I always take knitting or tatting or, now, a pad and pencil.)


  5. Mossgate Journals1/06/2011 4:07 PM

    Your journal drawing of the pretzel at Borders made me thinking of baking some bread. Bought three books on the subject of bread and will soon have to sketch my experiments.

  6. Cool cat and cool artwork. I am suffering from Borders envy as our Borders shops in England closed a while back and I haven't gotten over it yet.
    Have signed up for your new journaling online workshop and looking forward to that very much>


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