Tuesday, January 26, 2010

slow cloth

I just photographed a bunch of details from this series. See them all here. Like much of my hand stitching, I create the base during the day in my studio, then stitch on them in the evening while watching TV (of course, only educational programs! ha!)


  1. yup, right! I think we're all on to you here Jane!


  2. Are you layering cloth on batting, and hand sewing, looks like a fun project to relax with in the evening. They are beautiful.. Can't tell from the photo how large they are? Love looking at your ideas, beautifully done.

  3. The individual pieces are about 9x11". They start with prefelt or batting or lutradur, then I machine needle felt wool roving, cloth, thread, organza (whatever's in reach) and cover with tulle. Then I hand stitch. thanks!


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