Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Pine Cone

My husb brought this snippit of baby pine cone home from his golf game, because he knew I'd like it. How sweet is that?

Thanks sooo much to everyone for all the wonderful comments on my recent post!!
And the winner of my new DVD From Art Journaling to Art is: Marilyn! She wrote..."Juanita did a wonderful job. Your dvd most be great. I just started sketching and some watercolors about a year ago and really enjoy your blog." (Email me, Marylin, with your address)


  1. congratulations on the wonderful response to your DVD, which by the way, I also own and practiced last week.
    Love the pinecone, both the painting and the thought.

  2. What a treasure,from the gift and the painting ! Love it Jane !!

  3. That kind of gift is what I think are the most precious kind. No occasion but just thinking about you kind. You did a very nice job on getting the needles with the cone.

  4. What a sweet gift, one from the heart is always best.


  5. What a great gift! He certainly knows what you like. :)

  6. I just watched Jane's DVD and immediately ran outside and recreated a rose from my garden. The DVD is worth every penny!!!

  7. Jane
    I love your work! Would you explain a bit as to what you did for the pine cone drawing? Did the blue go on first? What did you use, etc? I love your DVD!

  8. I drew and painted the pinecone, just like I do in my DVD. then added the color pencil background last.

  9. Thanks for being willing to share. Your encouragement really helps!


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