Monday, July 18, 2011

Mixed Media Journal: TOO much fun!

put a crown on it
I've been having waay too much fun, if that's possible! Working in my mixed media journal and playing with new products.
two pages
Strathmore Visual Journal Mixed Media 9x12"
put a bird on it
Wing stencil from StencilGirl. And look what's in the upper right hand corner..
spray watercolor
So excited, I couldn't even go in the garage to do this! right on the front lawn!
spray liquid watercolor
Liquid watercolors in spray bottles from Discount School Supply.

spray watercolor 2

spray gesso
Wing stencil from StencilGirl and my dear Spray Gesso.
pogo printer
And, frankly, why didn't I know about this incredible Polaroid Pogo mobile printer sooner? it prints directly from your digital camera. Like, when you are traveling because it has a chargable battery. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.The possibilites are endless for journalers!
bird to put on it
Check out my teaching schedule and hope to see you in one of my workshops! 


  1. Gorgeous! I just love your pages. I never knew about that printer until now! WOW Thanks for sharing!

  2. How cool!!! Your pages are great! I just posted yesterday about my own art journal and how free it feels to work on new techniques without stress. (It's also adicting). Thanks for the tip about the portable printer--I'm intriqued!

  3. oo that looks like tons of fun!! love that spray gesso, must get some of that for sure!! i bought myself a POGO printer for my bday in Jan. - there is a great video & flikr group for altering the prints...they also fit perfectly on a blank ATC...i made thank you notes that way...


  4. it does look like you had a great time with your stencils. i don't use them much but you've definitely inspired me. i love my pogo printer and took it on my recent trip to africa for my travel journal!

  5. lynda Howells7/18/2011 1:31 PM

    you did have fun didn't you? love the resultsx

  6. MaryAnn@SticksAndBroomstraws.com7/18/2011 7:01 PM

    According to Amazon, the Pogo prints are smudge-resistant, etc. Jean says above you can alter them. Do you do that physically, like with water, markers, sandpaper etc or scan the pics into photoshop?
    Love your new pages, Jane!

  7. Fantastiquement beau...
    gros bisous.

  8. You played outside, in the yard!
    Ha, could not resist...

  9. So much goodness on your blog, Jane - I'd say you are on a roll these days!

  10. so much joy and energy in your pages .....that printer is genius ...whatever next !!....x

  11. Gorgeous! Jane I adore your work. Your DVD so inspired me to start painting again, after many, many years away from it. I painted in oils before, but have to use non-toxic mediums now, so playing around to see what I tolerate best. You asked if my poppies are painted from real life or a photo. They are from a photo and just made-up from my mind.

  12. Jane , thanks for the tip on the spray watercolors from discount school supply....i love shopping there and never noticed the spray watercolors...

    of course, i love your work..

  13. Hi, Jane. I bought the Pogo printer after seeing it here. I LOVE IT! What a blast to play with, and even better - instant gratification!!

    thanks for the fun blog - I check it daily and really enjoy it!

  14. Oh my gosh, I just got one of those little printers too. It is adorable. Love it!! And I adore what you are doing with the stencils :)
    See you soon at AU.


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