Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Interviews as Inspiration ~ Danny Gregory!

This is the fourth of a series of Interviews as Inspiration. I'm inviting people I admire; artists, authors, people I know, and people I don't. It should be fun! and hopefully inspirational for both you and me. 

I'm am beyond thrilled to give you my interview with Danny Gregory.I consider Danny my mentor, since I first saw his blog in ~2005, and it was he who inspired me on my sketchbook path. 

I was lucky to met Danny, just once, on a sketchcrawl in Los Angeles in 2006.
from march 2006
Sketchcrawl 2006! 
Then, when he invited me to be in his book "An Ilustrated Life" I was so honored, excited, thrilled and we've continued to stay in touch.

So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and watch the delightful  20 minute video Danny made in response to my emailed questions. (The video was a complete surprise to me! and what a treat!)

You can see Danny's other videos here, on DannyGregory TV
Danny's books and his recommendations:
Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory
An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory (I'm in this one!)
Artist Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson

The other book Danny mentions are harder to find: Sketchbook Paris by Ronald Searle, Creative Ink Drawing by Paul Hogarth, Coastline by David Gentleman, A Journey to North Korea  by Guy Delisle,  and Painting People by Charlotte Mullins.

Now, go grab your sketchbook and draw!  

Links to my other Interviews as Inspiration:

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Lesley Riley, artist and author
Danny Gregory, artist and author
Judy Reeves, writer
Carlo Roberts, The Blue Walk travel company founder
Jane Powell, Random Arts owner 


  1. What an excellent and interesting video, thank you for asking Danny these questions. Beverley, UK

  2. This interview was absolutely wonderful. What a great idea Jane with fascinating and inspiring results. Loved every moment of it. I hope you do more of them!

  3. I really enjoyed this interview with Danny. I have been reading his books lately and have enjoyed them very much. Thanks, Jane.

  4. Thanks, Jane and Danny. Excellent! Fantastic! Wonderful! I have all of Danny's books and love to read and re-read them. I knew of him before i knew of you!

  5. So Great! I am always inspired by Danny! What a great interview and I loved all the different backgrounds. Thanks Jane for putting this out there, you both inspire me so much!!!

  6. Very cool! It was so interesting to get to 'meet' him! Can't wait to see the next interview! Thank you. ;-)) Marilyn

  7. This was a very interesting interview. I've enjoyed several of his videos and this one will now be one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jane, that was wonderful! I have gotten so much from your blog! What a treat! Just yesterday I finished reading Everyday Matters, and have now picked up The Creative License... How happy I was to see this post today. Many thanks to you and Danny for sharing your creative selves!

  9. Thank you! I really enjoyed watching this interview that you instigated and shared with us!

  10. I totally remember that sketchcrawl! What a great time we had at Olvera Street and Union Station. That's me in the middle with the blue hat ;)

    And of course thank you for sharing this wonderful video/interview with Danny. He is a great inspiration.

  11. Jessica Porterfield7/26/2012 4:12 AM

    I purchased two books on the strength of your recommendations. Love your blog and your kindness. Hope to attend your Oct. classes-must save my money.

  12. Fantastic interview. The man just makes me smile. Loved the interview part with the porta potties behind him. What a guy. Thanks Jane.

  13. Really great. Inspires me to go draw!

  14. Jane! What a delight, thank you so much for sharing! My computer's very slow to open videos, so I had to wait till I had time to let it run once and THEN watch it, and I'm so glad I took that time. I loved it, and you asked great questions. I like Danny even more now (and NO not because he mentioned my book. Maybe in part because I love almost every one of the other ones he mentioned, though...)

  15. I can't imagine how you get around to reading all these comments, but thankyou for the Danny video. Now I gotta find all those books he recommended! Whoopie!

  16. Hi Jane ,The interview with Danny Gregory was fastastic. What an amazing human being he is. It comes through in his books and in this interview. Great job!

  17. Jane, thanks so much for this video, I found it fascinating, and so enjoyable.

  18. This is really inspiring not only for drawing but for opening up as a human being to other people, for sharing lives, thoughts and feelings with each other. Thank you.

  19. That was wonderful. He seems like such a nice guy. That was so great that he filmed that whole interview just for you...and your readers.
    So inspiring!


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