Sunday, October 07, 2012

the Kindness Chronicles

the kindness chronicles

Kind things you can help with: 

Traveling Postcards  is a humanitarian organization founded on the premise that art has the ability to heal, feed and transform our lives. Hundreds of unique, hand -made art postcards, containing words of compassion and solidarity are hand delivered to individuals and communities, bringing awareness, hope, visibility, beauty and voice to women and girls whose lives have suffered from isolation, violence or repression.

Punjammies  Purchase  punjammies and not only will you get some beautiful pajamas great for lounging or sleeping, you will empower women with dignity and hope created by the Princess Project.  

The Prayer Flag Project..........just because.

Pinwheels for Peace...September 21, but you can do it today if you want.

Pet Postcard Project  created by Pokey Bolton...due October 23, benfitting Houston, Texas based animal shelters.

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