Sunday, July 28, 2013

filming a video ~ behind the scenes

trying out backgrounds for my video
So, I've been creating and filming and editing the video for my upcoming FREE Strathmore Online Workshops, starting September 3. It's a steep learning curve (the filming and editing) and I've been working hard.
Aside from creating the artwork and filming the creation of it, with narration, I had to film myself doing introductions and segues. But first, I needed an attractive background for myself. I walked around our house, photoing myself in front of different scenes. I learned a lot about lighting while doing this. Flattering and unflattering light. (see photos above)

map as background
my Cuba photos as background
I settle on using my own quilt (Nature Journal/ Stitch Rituals) as a background. You can see the high tech, elaborate filming set up below. (ha!) My Canon PowerShot SX260HS on a tripod, quilt hanging on the door to my studio, chair for the 'talent' (that would be me) to sit on.
elaborate filming set up. (haha)
Keep in mind, I'm doing everything! from the art to the filming to the editing, makeup, script, set design. It's a bunch of work...okay...especially when you wait to nearly the deadline to do it.  
Ah, the life of a self employed artist is never dull. And I am always learning something!

Here's a VIDEO clip of one of my videos.

And a VIDEO of the state of my studio afterwards:


  1. You're so resourceful! BTW, I'd much rather see a messy studio where you get to play and be creative than one that's all neat and perfectly arranged. We artists need to toss stuff about so we can grab at itf as the need arises.

  2. A messy studio with two studio cats is my idea of heaven on earth! Looking forward to the class. I signed up as soon as I got the email from Strathmore last winter. Time flies!

  3. Having done some self-videoing for my tie-dye biz, I know the challenges! But once I got past being uncomfortable in front of the camera, I found it was a great way to be able to communicate with my audience. Best wishes to you on your new endeavors... I am quite sure you will master this in no time!

  4. Jane - We are looking forward to the start of your workshop! Can't wait! Jeanette - Strathmore Artist Papers

  5. Hey, Energizer Janie, now you have surpassed yourself! Is there an "Art Oscar?"

  6. Way to go Jane. I knew you were a 'Jane" of all trades. Can't wait for the class to start!

  7. I just signed up for the Strathmore Workshop. We will be on vacation. The very top of my "to take" list is my laptop. lol

  8. Good golly, what's next?!
    You never cease to amaze me

  9. Looking forward to your video. Your studio looks so messy/ creative!!


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