Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Nature Journal quilt ~ a closer look via VIDEO

Nature Journal ~  by Jane LaFazio (60x24 inches)

stitch ritual nature sketchbook from Jane LaFazio on Vimeo.
stitch ritual nature sketchbook from Jane LaFazio on Vimeo.

A VIDEO of my quilt, Nature Sketchbook. (go to my blog to view)


  1. I love this quilt! Do you teach this process, or was it just something that evolved from sketch to finished quilt by chance? I'm thinking there is a lot here that you did by hand, maybe while travelling to have something to do? I'm always looking for projects I can do at craft shows during lulls...

    1. Hi Judy!! I teach some of it, in my free spirited free motion class. But some is also from my text on textiles class. you know, pull everything together right before the deadline! :-) But each piece was created and hand stitched when it was small, then they were all sewn together.

  2. Your talent is amazing.

  3. i love seeing how you pieced all the small art into one big art. inspiring. and i love when you post photos of your process.

  4. Thank you Jane, your art is inspiring and so gorgeous. I love it.

  5. How exactly do you tender them from your sketches? It's all so beautiful!


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